The Young Magicians Club is a youth initiative of The Magic Circle, the world's premier magical society. Formed in 1996, the mission of the club is to promote the performance of magic by the young people of today (aged between 10 and 18) and encourage them in their chosen art form so that they can grow into the fine magicians of tomorrow.

To do this The Magic Circle uses its vast knowledge and experience to instruct, encourage and entertain the members of The Young Magicians Club.

Written by Chris Wood   
Sunday, 08 May 2016 08:32
We held our first ever YMC Talent Quest competition at the workshop on 7th May and it was a very successful event. Seven invited acts faced a panel of three judges at the top in their respective fields: Scott Penrose, John Archer and Richard McDougall. The judges were very impressed at the ability and confidence of the performers although, they agreed, that those who had really practiced, planned and routined their acts stood out. The winners were voted by all the members present. Congratulations to all seven but particularly to third place Billy Menezes, second place Luke Oseland and, by a long way, the winner Dean Leavy.
Everyone seemed to love Matthew Garrett's linking rings workshop in the afternoon as well as card sessions from James Fortune and Andy Stone.
Written by Chris Wood   
Thursday, 05 May 2016 07:50

YMC Talent Quest is The Young Magicians Club’s launch of an initiative to find the Stage Magician of the Future!

It is a great new initiative from The Magic Circle to identify potential amazing stage magicians in a competition along similar lines to “Britain’s Got Talent” or “The Voice” but specifically in magic and open only to 10 to 18 year olds.

The first round is taking place at our YMC workshop on Saturday 7th May 2016 when 7 acts will be performing in front of a panel of three celebrity magician judges and an audience of up to 90 members of YMC.  After the acts have performed, they will receive positive feedback from the panel of judges in front of the audience.  When all seven acts have performed, the audience will vote for their favourite act and the winning act will receive a trophy.  In the afternoon, the performers will then receive, in private, more detailed feedback of a constructive nature to improve the acts even more.  The panel may also select one or more of the performers for intensive mentoring by an expert in their field from the ranks of the world-famous The Magic Circle.  This could be a fantastic opportunity for a future star of magic.

To get this opportunity, or even be in the audience for the competition you must be a member of The Young Magicians Club (you can join directly from this website).  If it is successful we will be running it again very soon – maybe regularly twice a year.  This is The Magic Circle having a sharp eye on the future of stage magic.

The expert panel is:

President of The Magic Circle and The Young Magicians Club Scott Penrose.

Top comedy magician and the first to “Fool Penn and Teller” John Archer.

High class comedy and mime magician and high demand corporate magician Richard McDougall.

Young magicians performing are:

Charlie Hewish, Dean Leavy, Emmanuel Li, Theo Mellor, Luke Oseland, Billy Roche-Menezes and Amos Wollen.  We wish them all good luck.

Then in the afternoon, all those present for the day will attend three workshops.  Matthew Garrett is doing a masterclass in his Ninja Rings routines.  James Fortune is teaching three card tricks, one self-working, one for intermediate magicians and one for advanced sleight-of-hand performers.  Andy Stone in giving an in-depth workshop in the types and uses of locator cards.

All members of YMC have received an email telling them how to register for a place on the workshop.

This is typical of the workshops YMC members are offered every month.  If you do not belong, apply for membership today.  Click the button on the left of this page.

Written by Chris Wood   
Sunday, 31 January 2016 17:51

We are very excited about this month’s workshops!  We don’t know HOW we get these huge names to come and present sessions at our workshops but they all do so very, very willingly:

Russell Levinson is our card expert this month.  We know you always enjoy what he does for you and we are always delighted when he says he is available.  He is going to be teaching the Multiple Shift move and some tricks which use the sleight.

President of The Magic Circle and The Young Magicians Club, Scott Penrose is with us again this month and we know you always enjoy what he does with you.  This time he is giving a special session on Robert Harbin’s Zig-Zag illusion which is an almost perfect illusion.  Even when you know the secret, the visual trick is so convincing it still appears to be impossible.  If you were at J-Day last year you will have seen him perform the illusion on stage with ex-YMC member (and secretary of The Magic Circle) Megan Knowles-Bacon and she will again be assisting Scott at this workshop.

And how exciting is this?  Our third guest presenter is the one and only Ian Rowland.  He is one of the most highly respected mentalist performers in the world and regular columnist on all things mentalist in both The Magic Circular and USA’s MAGIC magazines.  Teller says of him: “Ian's been a good friend for about ten years. His work is extremely subtle and ingenious; I'm so glad he's on the side of the good guys”  and Jeff McBride says: “Anyone who has seen Ian perform knows how charming and smart he is!  But what I really enjoy even more is Ian's lectures and his writing. Ian's creativity inspires me to become a more thoughtful performer.”  Ian says he is going to teach you to “Read Minds like Derren Brown”.

It’s going to be great.

Written by Chris Wood   
Friday, 22 January 2016 09:52

Our Chairman is thrilled to announce that the new editor of our magazine "Secrets" is Will Houstoun who is an ex-member of YMC and the editor of The Magic Circular (magazine of The Magic Circle). He is a Doctor having gained his PhD in a study on Victorian magic, an expert card and coin manipulator, writes regularly for Genii and MAGIC (two big American magazines) and has written two books and advised on many others. He has already nearly finished his first issue which should be with all members in February. We are very lucky to have him, he has some great ideas for "Secrets" and will be consulting members on what they want from the magazine.

Details of the next workshop coming soon!

Written by Chris Wood   
Sunday, 08 November 2015 21:00
The YMC Awards Ceremony at our one-day convention J-Day announced the prize winners following two very high standard competitions.  The ceremony was hosted by YMC Chairman KEVIN DOIG and awards presented by President of both The Magic Circle and YMC, SCOTT PENROSE.

Six finalists made it through to the competitions following a tough elimination round.
The stage competitors were  Luke Oseland, Callum McClure, Theo Mellor, Billy Roche Menezes, Oliver Paice, and Fletcher Ransberry.
The close-up competitors were  Stephen Friend,  Joshua Hennes, Dean Leavy, Callum McClure, Joe Oyelade and Amos Wollen.

The awards were won by the following:
The Pete McCahon Award for Originality was awarded to THEO MELLOR,
The Kaymar Komedy Kup went to FLETCHER RANSBERRY and
The Fox Magic Technical Ability award was won by CALLUM McCLURE.
The Mark Leveridge Close-Up Cup was won by AMOS WOLLEN
with JOSHUA HENNES in second place and STEPHEN FRIEND in third.
The Alakazam Home Counties Shield for Stage Magic was won by CALLUM McCLURE
The Marvin Berglas Rising Star Award was presented to JAMIE RAVEN.
The YMC Member of the Year Cup was awarded to FLETCHER RANSBERRY