The Young Magicians Club is a youth initiative of The Magic Circle, the world's premier magical society. Formed in 1996, the mission of the club is to promote the performance of magic by the young people of today (aged between 10 and 18) and encourage them in their chosen art form so that they can grow into the fine magicians of tomorrow.

To do this The Magic Circle uses its vast knowledge and experience to instruct, encourage and entertain the members of The Young Magicians Club.

Written by Chris Wood   
Saturday, 21 November 2015 22:34

YMC November Workshop
Registration for the November Workshop is now open. 

The only way to register is to click “Reply” to the email you will receive as a YMC member (please do not change the Subject Line to the email as we keep track of registrations using it), and complete the table within.  

Date: Saturday 28th November 2015
Time: 11 am - 4 pm
Cost: £8.00 payable on the day    

Yes – it’s our annual Mentor’s Day where your friendly mentors do all the teaching.   

In the MORNING –
Registration from 11.00am then straight up to the theatre for the competitions at, usually, about 11.45am once we are full. 

As always – (assuming there’s time) two competitions, one for under-14s and one for over 14s. The task? To perform any trick you want to - just ONE trick, please, not a whole act. It can be close up or stage - but it has to be entertaining! It is not compulsory but anyone can enter on the day!Everyone votes, apart from the competitors themselves.   

Then in the AFTERNOON –
It’s Mentors’ Day.  This has been very popular for the last four years.  Some of our mentors (older members) teach in the November workshop.  Some of these mentors are approaching their eighteenth birthdays so will shortly be leaving YMC and, hopefully, moving on to The Magic Circle.  

The first workshop will feature Callum McClure.  He will be teaching some coin magic and showing how he put together his prize winning J-Day stage act.  There will be a lot to learn here! 

For our second workshop, we are very pleased that Fletcher Ransberry has agreed to come along and teach you this month.  He will talk about how to treat people (both those who book you and also volunteers you use in the act - his treatment of volunteers is very good!) Also, he is going to talk about how he develops a character (like his French waiter.) He has also promised to teach a trick as part of this presentation. 

And our third mentor who is teaching you is  Tom Chaplin who is going to teach a single hand top palm and show different ways you could apply it.  Additionally, he intends to teach a couple of good self-working card tricks.  

This looks to be yet another great workshop.  Don’t wait – register now!  Many recent months have filled up very quickly!  You need to register and ensure you get confirmation that your registration has been successful to make certain you will not be turned away! 


Remember to bring:
Packed lunch (cold drinks are provided free),  Current membership card,  Notebook and pen are always useful and always bring a pack of cards.·

Saturday Night Show
In addition to the Workshops, this month once again we have THE ALI BONGO SATURDAY SHOW The acts for the November show include:

The one and only John Lenahan, two YMC members appearing this month - Callum McClure and Dean Leavy, also a favourite workshop teacher Russell Levinson will be performing as well as up and coming Henri White.

Remember: Doors open for the evening show at 5.15 pm, close up at 5.45 pm, stage show at 6.30 pm and all finished by 8.00 pm. 

Please be aware that The Ali Bongo Saturday Show is an event of The Magic Circle NOT the Young Magicians Club.  All under 16 year olds MUST be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This show is NOT open to the public.  It is exclusively for members of The Magic Circle or members of The Young Magicians Club and their families and friends.  TICKETS SHOULD BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE.  

Tickets for the show are only £10.00 each. Please do not email YMC for the Ali Bongo Show tickets - we can't help. 

Hope to see you on Saturday 28th.

Written by Chris Wood   
Sunday, 08 November 2015 21:00
The YMC Awards Ceremony at our one-day convention J-Day announced the prize winners following two very high standard competitions.  The ceremony was hosted by YMC Chairman KEVIN DOIG and awards presented by President of both The Magic Circle and YMC, SCOTT PENROSE.

Six finalists made it through to the competitions following a tough elimination round.
The stage competitors were  Luke Oseland, Callum McClure, Theo Mellor, Billy Roche Menezes, Oliver Paice, and Fletcher Ransberry.
The close-up competitors were  Stephen Friend,  Joshua Hennes, Dean Leavy, Callum McClure, Joe Oyelade and Amos Wollen.

The awards were won by the following:
The Pete McCahon Award for Originality was awarded to THEO MELLOR,
The Kaymar Komedy Kup went to FLETCHER RANSBERRY and
The Fox Magic Technical Ability award was won by CALLUM McCLURE.
The Mark Leveridge Close-Up Cup was won by AMOS WOLLEN
with JOSHUA HENNES in second place and STEPHEN FRIEND in third.
The Alakazam Home Counties Shield for Stage Magic was won by CALLUM McCLURE
The Marvin Berglas Rising Star Award was presented to JAMIE RAVEN.
The YMC Member of the Year Cup was awarded to FLETCHER RANSBERRY